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A community led development formed to enable a global open digital commerce infrastructure.

Open networks will naturally encourage innovations, integrate applications and platforms, trigger opportunities for every size and form of businesses, create seamless experiences and trigger unimagined possibilities. This is not a commerce under transition. This is commerce being transformed at scale. This is the beginning of a big shift for each and every one of us, who, in one way or the other, are part of the e-commerce world.

What is beckn?

Beckn is a decentralized open protocol, aiming to democratize and unify the digital commerce ecosystem.

Beckn protocol, as a set of lightweight open interoperable specifications, unbundles the proposition of a central platform marketplace and allow buyers and sellers the freedom to undertake wholesome commerce transactions between each other through any digital application of their choice, with no controlling platform in the middle.

In short, beckn protocol will enable the participants - customers, applications, businesses and governments, a complete freedom to do business in an open network, without the control and command of an intermediary platform or application.

Beckn protocol is open source and the
ecosystem is free to adopt to build digital
infrastructure as public good

This body of knowledge is a free public good and is being shared openly and made available as per the creative commons, cc by nd 4.0 international license.

What can we do
with beckn protocol?

We can develop open protocol specifications and enable their evolution while working with an ecosystem of participants from civil society, governments and business. We can use beckn protocol and work with businesses to co-create solutions for local commerce. We can work closely with various stakeholders in promoting the adoption of an open but integrated digital commerce service.

Imagine with beckn

supporters & contributors

We encourage diverse stakeholders, without being bound by domain or industry, to facilitate growth through creation and adoption of interoperable open protocols for commerce.

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Your time & skills are valuable to us. If you are committed to changing the world and enthusiastic about open digital innovation, be a beckn volunteer and help make interoperable the new normal.

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