Beckn believes in ease of life by amplifying the potential of consumers, businesses and governments

Today, the world carries connectivity in its pockets

and yet access to purchase goods and services online functions in silos. The simplicity and interoperability of the internet and email got lost in the world of closed ecommerce market ecosystems. One way to solve this complex problem is to unbundle the model of siloed ecosystems and find a better way to get customers and merchants connected to each other.

Beckn protocol believes
in that simplicity.

It is a location-aware lightweight protocol for digital economy that connects consumers, businesses and governments so that they go about their tasks seamlessly without having to worry about coordination or resource allocation. It lets each of them be discoverable on their command, beckn a new way of doing business and enabling progress.

Think of a cab that’s always there when you need it

or finding the perfect cafe down the road, all you have to do is beckn it. That’s what beckn wants to be to its stakeholders. A way to get what you need when you need it. Now, these isolated silos can beckn a partnership to go farther and be better. beckn acts as a force multiplier for its stakeholders by creating an interoperable open playground to unlock value and foster innovation.

Beckn values

Force multiplier

beckn believes in amplifying potential of partner – customers, business and government exponentially by bringing value to their ecosystems. just like how number zero has no inherent value but by adding to the right amplifies the whole figure, beckn force multiplies the potential of customers, businesses and governments to participate in the digital economy at their own command.

minimal footprint

beckn as a protocol is a lightweight specifications, that is passively visible by design. it empowers participants adopting it, without extracting power for itself.

inclusive by design

beckn is designed to enable barrier free participation in digital economy, enabling equal access to all participants, small or big, local or global, amplifying opportunities across sector, regions and demographies.

Future flexible

beckn offers semantic interoperability that is technology agnostic and is capable of integrating with any new technology.

beckn positioning


Ease of life

beckn amplifies the consumer’s life by making all forms of goods and services accessible and providing them with the freedom to choose.


Ease of market unlocking

beckn amplifies the lives of the market players by increasing their reach to new customers and markets.


Ease of social welfare

beckn amplifies the government’s journey in improving the lives of its citizens through integrated infrastructure.

beckn’s visual origin story

beckn was created to be accessible. Nothing allegorizes universal accessibility like the Unicode character code. Inspired by this, the logo has been created to be universal and versatile. The rising gradation is a representation of Beckn’s passive visibility. The underlying grid is a representation of beckn being a digital infrastructure that connects individuals, businesses & governments and amplifies their journeys. Beckn is here to unlock possibilities for you. To help you reach the heights you’ve always dreamed off.

beckn is a universal resource discoverer that provides the consumer access to a resource by signalling or ‘hailing’ it over. The identity is designed such that it transforms the K in beckn to a person hailing. The minimal approach of the identity crystallises Beckn’s true nature.

Just like bluetooth, wifi or email – beckn needed a visual marker that worked across technology ecosystems. one of the key parameters was using Unicode characters to create the visual marker. a dot and a dash put together represents an individual hailing. The visual marker is made of these two simple Unicode characters that embody the beckn logo in its simplest form, making it truly universal and versatile.