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Beckn, a radical new take

Beckn Protocol (or Beckn in short) enables the creation of open, peer-to-peer decentralized networks for pan-sector economic transactions.
The protocol can be implemented by platforms, organizations and governments to create integrated digital networks across diverse sectors of e-commerce, mobility, energy, manufacturing and more.
The possibilities are immense.

Creating a New Digital Future, One Open Network at a Time

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Unified Health Interface
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A protocol powered by the community

Beckn protocol is maintained via an open community-driven governance model. The community comprises multiple individuals, businesses and organizations that actively contribute to the specification to fuel its digital acceleration.
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The Beckn Difference

From once an open Internet, the world gradually shifted towards proprietary, non-interoperable platforms. This change led to a decline in competitiveness and restricted the agency and choices of sellers, service providers, and consumers.
Beckn responds to these challenges by pioneering open networks based on interoperability and decentralization. By unbundling services and enabling specialization, these networks reduce reliance on specific platforms. This enhanced flexibility empowers sellers to access demand without platform dependency, fostering a more equitable and efficient ecosystem. This, in turn, promotes collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity without compromising competitiveness.
The outcome is barrier-free participation in the digital economy, ensuring equal access for all participants—governments, customers, and businesses—regardless of size, location, or demographics. This approach amplifies opportunities across sectors, regions, and demographics, creating a more accessible and inclusive digital landscape.

Who Benefits from Beckn?


Help to extend the reach of market players beyond self-owned platforms to new customers in a universal open digital ecosystem without compromising on the experience


Help consumers with the freedom to discover services including day-to-day services like mobility, food and grocery delivery in any consumer-facing application of choice that is beckn-enabled, thereby, making it a one-stop place for the consumer–provider transactions


Enable the governments to promote an interoperable, open ecosystem of applications to connect consumers to providers, thus, maximizing value to all stakeholders without being monopolized by one or two players

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We encourage diverse stakeholders, without being bound by domain or industry, to facilitate growth through creation and adoption of interoperable open protocols for consumer-provider transactions.