create open and decentralized digital
ecosystems with beckn

Create Open and Decentralized Digital
Ecosystems With Beckn

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beckn protocol is a set of specifications consisting of APIs, data models, reference architecture, transaction mechanisms, and global standards that when adopted by digital platforms, enable the creation of decentralized networks. Such networks allow consumers and providers to discover, identify each other and perform transactions with each other without the need for a central intermediary. It can be thought of as a common set of rules of communication mutually agreed upon by several platforms to allow their users to perform discovery, ordering, fulfilment and post-fulfilment activities between each other in a standard way. It is a sector-agnostic protocol, meaning, any industry-specific taxonomy or knowledge model can be represented using the data model of beckn protocol.

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beckn protocol’s layered design allows independent evolution of its components. it allows building of rich integrated experiences in consumer applications while simultaneously allows independent services to be built and plugged into the open network infrastructure.

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this body of knowledge is a free public good and is being shared openly and made available as per the creative commons licence, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 

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Open networks will naturally encourage innovations, integrate applications and platforms, trigger opportunities for every size and form of businesses, create seamless experiences and trigger unimagined possibilities.

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what can we do
with beckn protocol?

beckn protocol specifications can be implemented by business-facing, customer-facing platforms and governments to create integrated digital networks across diverse sectors like e-commerce , mobility etc. the possiblities are immense

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we encourage diverse stakeholders, without being bound by domain or industry, to facilitate growth through creation and adoption of interoperable open protocols for consumer-provider transactions.