kochi gets the world’s first open mobility network

kochi gets the world’s first open mobility network

kochi is not the same kochi anymore. it is now open kochi!

yes, the kochi metropolitan transport authority (kmta) launched the kochi open mobility network (komn), on friday, 23rd july, 2021. the event was inaugurated by advocate antony raju, honourable minister for transport, govt. of kerala, with the launch of the yatri app, a cab hailing service, for the first time ever on an open network.

komn is enabled by beckn protocol and is the first-of-its kind open mobility network in the world. this definitely is a proud moment for the govt. of kerala, beckn and most importantly, the people of kochi.

watch the video to know more about komn.

komn will set the stage for an all inclusive, egalitarian network which will benefit the customer, the driver and the existing service providers. this will also spark an opportunity for new innovations in mobility.

passengers can now discover and book the best available ride and mode of transportation through their choice of application on the network.

for a cab driver:

  • this is an open field to get discovered
  • ability to locate where the demand is
  • to justify their own taxi fares
  • to function without paying any third-party commission
  • and overall, set their own rules without being controlled by an intermediary

for the service providers and applications:

  • they can easily embark on the open network and get themselves enabled
  • reduces the marketing cost to acquire customers
  • and gets more visibility

in short, komn is an initiative by kochi, for kochi, with no external intervention.

let’s look at some of the highlights from the event.

honourable minister advocate antony raju launching the yatri app

more images from the event…


komn panelists

to know more about kochi open mobility network, visit www.openkochi.net or visit the faq section to understand about the significance of an open mobility network.

to install and know more about the yatri app, visit www.getyatri.com.

the open mobility network is aimed to create a solution not as a separate product, a platform or as another aggregator, but by bringing all of them, from the existing applications to the local driver communities to the urban customers, together, on one open network. it is an all inclusive, unified solution, connecting all forms and modes of transport to create a seamless experience.

kochi is the only city to have a legal authority that aims to integrate and regulate the urban mobility system. it is one of the very few cities in india that has a water metro as part of surface mobility and urban transportation. it is indeed a matter of great pride for the state and the country as a whole, that the govt. of kerala has chosen kochi as the first city to demonstrate the possibilities of an open mobility network.

this is just the beginning of the age of an integrated and inclusive mobility system.