Rapidly Deploy and Configure Open Networks

Beckn-ONIX, (Beckn Open Network in a Box), is an open-source stack for rapidly deploying and configuring Beckn-enabled networks.

“Ready, Fire, Aim” with Beckn-ONIX

Joining an open network has never been easier. With Beckn-ONIX, you can dynamically configure your network endpoint after setting them up.  No more writing complex protocol logic, implementing sector-specific adaptations and long certification pipelines.

Before: 3 - 4 Months

Understand beckn Protocol
Map Sector-Specific elements to core
Implement Sector-specific adapter(s)
Implement Network policy
Deploy Network -specific adapter

Now: 7 Minutes

Deploy beckn-onix endpoint
Download network configuration

With Beckn-ONIX, you can

Set up new networks
Join existing networks
Merge multiple networks
Configure existing networks

Watch Beckn-ONIX in action

A step-by-step demo to setup a new network and perform transactions on it.
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Simplifying network onboarding with these features

Deploy in Minutes

Speed up and streamline the process of joining an existing network or setting up individual network components (BAP, BPP, Gateway, Registry) in the cloud.

Scale Effortlessly

Effortlessly accommodate new network participants, transactions and domains without sacrificing performance.

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with existing network components such as Registry and Gateway, eliminating the friction of complex setups.

Simple and Intuitive

Designed with ease of use in mind. The simple interface makes it a breeze to manage your network, even for those unfamiliar with Beckn Protocol.

Setting up Beckn-ONIX is a breeze.

This user guide will walk you through everything you need to know for cloud or local deployment.

What our community members think

Anil Antony

Mentor at Mulearn
Software Developer at Settlin

“After witnessing Onix’s unveiling at the Beckn Meetup in Bangalore, I was amazed by its rapid network setup during Ravi’s demo. Tinkering with the open-source code, I was sceptical, but setting up a network in less than 10 mins was a game-changer. No more struggles setting up an open network. Now, customisation is effortless, thanks to Onix simplifying setup with just a few commands, replacing numerous manual steps.”

Mishal Abdullah T

Intern at Mulearn

“Beckn-ONIX is the thing that made Beckn complete. All jargon and architectural complexity are now things of the past since the dawn of Beckn-Onix. Now setting up new networks and connecting to new existing networks are a piece of cake. Long gone are the long lectures and classes understanding the architecture of Beckn, now consolidated into a few clicks.”

Govind S B

Kerala Top 100 Coder
LLM Enthusiast
“I remember the first time setting up Beckn for a hackathon a while back and just getting tired from looking at all the mess to handle while setting up a network. Had to rely on a lot of help and took a whole day to see what goes where. With Beckn-ONIX that pain is gone, tap tap tap and the network is up from scratch. A very nice QOL upgrade. This should make adoption way faster.”

Get involved! Beckn-ONIX to the power of community

We invite you to contribute to creating secure, reliable, high-performance builds of Beckn-ONIX for production environments.

Dive into the code on GitHub.
You can contribute your expertise in a variety of ways. Become a Beckn-ONIX Champion and suggest improvements. Follow the guidelines to contribute.
Join the conversation. Head over to our open community on Discord. Share your ideas, ask questions and collaborate with fellow members.

Have questions about Beckn-ONIX?

Explore the FAQs to get started.

Beckn-ONIX is FIDE project aimed at easing setup and maintainance of a Beckn Network using reference implementations. Objectives include setting up reliable, configurable and fast Beckn network as a virtual appliance.

No Beckn-ONIX is not a protocol. Beckn-ONIX is not a new version of Beckn. Beckn-ONIX project just helps setup and maintain a Beckn network. This initiative is independent of the evolution of Beckn

When you setup a new Beckn network using Beckn-ONIX, the reference implementations of Beckn RegistryBeckn GatewayBAP Beckn Adapter and BPP Beckn Adapter

Yes. Beckn-ONIX only installs the core network components. Refer to the Sample deployment diagram for a simple illustration of the various components. As you see in that diagram, apart from the core network components, you would need a buyer side application and a seller side application to perform transactions. Typically you will be implementing one or both of these. If you are only implementing one side of it, you can use sample applications or postman as the other application.

No. If you are comfortable you can install the reference implementations of Beckn RegistryBeckn GatewayBAP Beckn Adapter and BPP Beckn Adapter directly from the repositories. Beckn-ONIX makes the tasks easier through guided installation.

Sure. As the name suggests, these are just reference components and their objective is to get you started easily. You can however write your own implementation of the Beckn protocol using the tech stack you like.

Yes. You can use other programs. The user guide uses Nginx primarily as an example. The instructions to configure the reverse proxy might change. In particular, for the flow we have you might need to identify how to install SSL certificates and how to proxy a request to a port based on the requested URL.

No. Beckn-ONIX is just one effort to kick start the process of creating tools to aid easy creation and operation of Beckn networks. We want the community to create even better tools for different production environments.

We welcome contributions both to this project as well as initiatives in other production environment. Refer to the contribution guide for more details on the process.

Ready to unlock the potential of open networks?

Our community is here to help.

Head over to our open community on Discord and introduce yourself! We’re a friendly bunch, always happy to answer questions and welcome new ideas.