Community Guidelines & Code of Conduct

1. Access and being a part of Beckn Community :

As a user you represent and warrant that you are of legal age to choose to be a part of an open community. If you are underage, you represent and warrant that you’ve received your parent’s or guardian’s permission to use the website, engage with the community members through its official channels like Discord.

2. Community Guidelines :

We are here to work together as a community and create open and decentralized ecosystems with beckn protocol. In order to help us achieve this goal in an efficient manner, there is a code of conduct and a set of community guidelines that the members are expected to adhere to. These are intended to encourage constructive communication among the community members that will result in smooth evolution of the specification and its ecosystem. .

  1. Recognizing value of Everybody’s Time: We recognize that the time we spend together in meetings is the most expensive time in the lifecycle of our community
  2. Building community culture: We realize that, as early members of the community, we have a leadership responsibility to build a culture that will empower future contributors. To this end, we resolve to be responsive to each other
  3. Simplifying future actions: We acknowledge that the work we do here as a community is complex and that our combined intellect should be directed towards simplifying future actions and outcomes
  4. Staying on the same page: As a community, we strive constantly to reduce ambiguity in our work and hence achieve speed in reaching the goals we set for ourselves. To this end, we believe that documenting actions and outcomes is a necessary effort that we undertake together
  5. Making Open Contributions: We believe in open contributions. All the contributions we make to the community remain open, and that there are no ownership or royalties held by any contributor on any contribution made

3. Code of Conduct :

Participation in the beckn community binds us to the following general codes of conduct in meetings or in any interaction with any member of the community:

  1. Being civil: We encourage open and candid discussions. However, we will ensure that all communication is respectful. While a difference of opinion is welcome; we will not indulge in personal attacks of any kind
  2. Being considerate: We understand that comments or content that are violent, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit, obscene, offensive, hateful, derogatory, defamatory in nature, or are racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable content will be taken down & might invite appropriate investigation and action
  3. Saying No to NSFW Content: We will avoid posting, sharing or uploading content that is Not Safe for Work (NSFW). We understand that posting NSFW content will lead to removal from the community
  4. Saying no to Spam: We will avoid spamming and also report spam on our communities
  5. Keeping it legal: Participating in, suggesting, or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for immediate termination of a member’s registration in the Community
  6. Child safety norms: We do not allow any activity that endangers the physical and mental well being of minors within the community including but not limited to posting content inappropriate to minors, content that endangers the well-being of a minor in the community in any way or form, imposition of emotional anguish. Any such violation is handled strictly and with individual probes. Involvement in such activities is cause for immediate termination of a member’s registration in the Community.
  7. Observing copyright and trademark laws: We acknowledge that posting of copyrighted videos, photos, articles or other materials beyond what is protected as fair use is prohibited, and we agree that such content will be taken down
  8. Respecting privacy: We will be careful not to post personal or any other information that we do not want to be made public and will also respect the privacy of other members
  9. Watching out for the community: If you see someone violating our community code of conduct or guidelines please do report or flag the content so that the community can collectively take appropriate actions. If you see multiple comments or links that you would like to report, you can report the channel
  10. Keeping ourselves updated: As we grow as a community, we will work towards updating our community guidelines together. We will take a little bit of time to keep ourselves updated and current on the evolving community guidelines and code of conduct

4. Enforcement :

Any violation to community guidelines and code of conduct would lead to an audit & appropriate action to address the complaint/issue as per the severity.
Please note:
One can anytime contact the local law enforcement if they ever feel threatened by any activity or content they see on beckn discussions.