hacking a world of new possibilities

the beckn-enabled hackathon received an amazing response from industry leaders in the local retail and delivery space. beckn is an open protocol that aims to reimagine digital commerce from the first principles. beckn foundation is the creator of the open protocol and it engages with businesses, governments and civil societies across the world to drive the adoption of beckn as a digital public good to create open e-commerce marketplaces.

this hackathon was organized by beckn foundation.

industry leaders of the local retail and delivery network community had committed to joining the open network and had been developing their implementations for the same cause. this community decided to come together and witness the creation of the first end-to-end transaction in an open network for local retail and delivery network. to help the community realise this goal, beckn foundation organised a hackathon for the pioneers of the local retail & delivery network between 8th – 10th july, 2021. participants came together to create the first-ever open and interoperable local retail and delivery network.

the hackathon was conducted over 3 days, involving 7 innovative organizations, 14 pioneer developers, who amalgamated over a hundred e-commerce use cases, to finally create an extraordinary moment in the history of the e-commerce industry!

the hackathon commenced…

we kick-started the event by sharing a common challenge across local retail & delivery networks to simulate a real world retail online purchase & delivery cycle. this involved development of 117 use cases that represented the most popular paradigms in a typical ecommerce shopping workflow.

over a span of 3 days, with over 200+ person-hours of effort from industry leaders who are passionate about making the internet a small business friendly space, we finally got some amazing products built and choosing the winners proved harder than we had anticipated.
the first category of winners, the supercoders, performed exceptionally well by implementing the highest number of use cases that enable open and interoperable ecommerce.

supercoder winners

alongside, we saw the development of another set of pioneers who were able to identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues that helped the supercoders achieve a working quality code. we call them the <i>hawkeyes</i> winners. here’s to the hawkeye pioneers of the beckn local retail and delivery hackathon

Hawkeye winners

we also witnessed teams of beckn apps & beckn providers that deployed the highest number of use cases that enable open and interoperable ecommerce in their respective domains. we conferred these three teams with the beckn stars award

beckn galaxy award winners

we congratulate all the participants for kick starting this journey with us. this hackathon has paved the way for beckning a new era in e-commerce