A Vision for the Future

Supercharging Digital Commerce with Beckn and AI: A Vision for the Future

In the evolving digital landscape, the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital commerce is not just an emerging trend but a transformative force reshaping the way we engage with the digital world. From the budding stages of basic algorithms and chess programs to the advanced capabilities of generative models like GPT and DALL-E, AI has revolutionised digital creativity. This evolution has made it possible to automate content creation across various formats, thus enhancing efficiency and innovation. As a result, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era characterised by dynamic digital experiences that are more personalised and engaging than ever before.
This technological evolution coincides with significant shifts in commerce. The journey from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to the big e-commerce ecosystem, and subsequently to the platform and API economies, has expanded market access and user convenience. The most recent phase, open commerce, aims to integrate transaction capabilities directly into the internet’s infrastructure, thereby simplifying digital transactions through open networks such as ONDC and Namma Yatri in India.

Can AI agents be used in digital commerce?

With the rapid progress in language and action model technologies, it’s feasible to consider a future where AI-powered personal assistants go beyond content creation to actively engage in commerce. These AI agents could facilitate various aspects of the buying and selling process, aiding buyers in finding products and placing orders, while also assisting sellers in receiving orders and managing their inventories.
However, the integration of AI in commerce is not without its challenges. The effectiveness of action bots and AI agents in facilitating transactions is currently hindered by several factors, including the need for prior integrations, complex business contracts, and the ongoing maintenance of these systems. This raises the question: what if AI could enable businesses and services to be as easily discoverable and transactable as websites are on the internet today?

Can AI agents be trusted to act on our behalf?

Trust in AI to act on our behalf is another critical concern. The occasional ‘hallucinations’ or errors made by pre-trained models can be manageable in content generation but pose significant risks in transactional contexts, where accuracy and reliability are paramount. This necessitates a reliable contracting infrastructure that ensures trust and clarity in transactions between all parties, be they human or AI.

Are AI Agents ready for population scale?

The widespread adoption of AI in daily life is often hampered by high development and maintenance costs, as well as a need for user familiarity with digital tools. This is particularly challenging for small businesses or individuals not already integrated into the digital infrastructure. Envisioning a future where AI serves as the initial contact point in the digital realm could dramatically reduce these barriers. By translating user commands into a universal language understood by all relevant platforms, AI could streamline processes such as booking services or placing orders, thereby reducing costs and making digital interactions more accessible to a broader audience.

Empowering Digital Commerce Through Beckn and AI Integration

In the digital age, the convergence of Beckn’s open protocols with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) can set a new standard for digital commerce. Beckn, by design, is an innovative protocol that revolutionises how businesses engage in the digital marketplace. It enables businesses of all sizes to be discovered across diverse platforms within an open network, all while transacting through a unified protocol. This transformative approach not only empowers small businesses by promoting decentralisation but also elevates the consumer experience by fostering transparency and inclusivity.
The integration of AI with Beckn unlocks a plethora of benefits, heralding a new era of accessibility and efficiency in digital commerce. Beckn’s open networks facilitate seamless discoverability and transactions for businesses, making them accessible to a wider audience, including both individual consumers and AI agents. This inclusivity broadens the scope of digital commerce, allowing for a more dynamic and interconnected marketplace.
One of the most significant advantages of this integration is the ability to conduct transactions through network-facing AI agents on behalf of buyers and sellers. This capability opens up a realm of possibilities for action bots to seamlessly integrate with open networks, engage in transactions, and maintain the integrity of contracts. Such advancements ensure that digital commerce can be more autonomous yet secure, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of transactions.
The traditional barriers associated with onboarding new platforms in digital commerce are effectively dismantled by Beckn’s open network approach. Unlike closed platforms, open networks operate akin to an open market, allowing any participant to join by adhering to network policies, without the need for intricate integrations or onboarding processes. This open market model ensures that all provider platforms within the network are accessible to buyer platforms at any time, significantly simplifying the transaction process.
Trust and reliability in transactions are paramount in digital commerce, more so when AI is involved. Beckn addresses this critical aspect by enforcing trust through well-defined contracts. These contracts clearly outline transaction terms, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or errors by AI agents. By incorporating verification processes, Beckn ensures that all transactions adhere to the agreed-upon terms, thereby maintaining the integrity and security of the digital marketplace.
As we envision a future where AI agents and humans interact and transact seamlessly, the need for a supportive infrastructure that guarantees trust and privacy becomes evident. Beckn fulfils this need by providing an interoperable fabric that not only facilitates these interactions but also standardises them across the board. This standardisation paves the way for broader adoption of digital commerce practices, ultimately leading to reduced costs and a more inclusive digital marketplace.

A Day in the Beckn and AI-Enhanced World

Imagine starting your day with Eva, your AI assistant, who suggests an outfit based on the weather and your schedule. Craving fresh croissants for breakfast? Eva places an order with a local bakery in the Beckn network, ensuring they arrive just as you’re ready to leave.

As you commute, Eva finds the best route and books a midday yoga class that fits your schedule. Dinner plans? Eva recommends a new Thai place and handles the reservation and payment, applying discounts automatically.

Meanwhile, Maya, a local artist, finds her hand-painted ceramics reaching new audiences thanks to the Beckn network. Her studio is visible to AI assistants like Eva, connecting her art with buyers effortlessly. Real-time market insights help Maya adapt her creations, blending her artistry with the digital marketplace’s pulse.

This future is about seamless integration of daily life and commerce, where AI and Beckn empower both consumers and sellers, making every interaction smoother and every transaction simpler. It’s a world where technology understands and adapts to personal needs, connecting people with local businesses, and fostering a vibrant, inclusive digital marketplace.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Dive into a new era with us, where AI and Beckn make daily life effortless and commerce boundless. Whether you seek the simplicity of seamless transactions or aim to showcase your offerings to a wider audience, there’s a role for you in this journey.
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